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We have completed a sizeable number of projects primarily in providing mid to high level quality High rise building construction, including Apartment, Office Buildings, Workshop, Market, Mall & Plaza, Universities, Hotel, Hospitals, Oil & Gas Production Facilities,such as Storage Tanks, Yard Piping, Industrial Plants. With our present and several well trained personal in management, engineering and contruction, We can assure you for a most reliable project execution in terms of high performance and timely completion.







To build PT.DJASA UBERSAKTI being the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company with sound and continuous reputation as well as reliability and gain the project profit.



To execute and complete the awarded Project in compliance with the Project Schedule, Specification, Quality and any other conditions as set forth in the Contractual Agreement and within the budget with the following supports:

1. Qualified and Professiona Human Resources.

2. Availability of the Required Capital and other Apropriate Financial Management

3. Availability of Construction Equipment, Tools and any other supporting material. 

4. Availability of Reliable Project Management System.